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Convert File to Wav

G711 File Converter This free tool will convert just about any DRM-free media file into audio that's compatible with BroadWorks or Asterisk Music on Hold and IVR Announcements. Source File [iframe src="" width="100%" height="500"]
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Test Your Password

Password Complexity •Minimum 8 characters in length •Contains 3/4 of the following items: - Uppercase Letters - Lowercase Letters - Numbers - Symbols [iframe src="" width="100%" height="500"]
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E-mail Verification

Here you can enter an e-mail address to verify if it exists of if there are problems with it. A series of checks will be performed on the e-mail address but no actual e-mail is sent. [iframe src="" width="100%" height="500"]
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Internet Outages

Realtime overview of issues and outages with all kinds of services. Having issues? We help you find out what is wrong. Click Here
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Fail-over System

No ISP is foolproof, they all have planned and unplanned downtime. That’s why we recommend using multiple ISPs and WAN Failover A failover link is a secondary Internet link setup to ensure Internet uptime is not lost in the case of a main link failure (e.g. Internet outages caused by traffic accidents, road construction, etc.,…
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