Disaster Recovery

We understand that disaster recovery is much more than just backing up your critical data. We are built to handle everything from data replication to off-site online backup.


IT disaster recovery planning involves:
Having a duplicated copy of local data stored offsite in case a disaster, network or human error may occur.
Rapid recovery of data, electronic communications, and hardware in the event of a catastrophic disaster.
Regular testing of backup and recovery strategies, and comprehensive documentation on the process.



Our Recovery Service is designed for mid-size organizations and enterprises worldwide. It provides an all-in-one solution for disaster recovery, backup and data storage to companies who demand extremely low tolerance for data loss, downtime or sub-par risk mitigation.

Our disaster recovery capabilities include:
On-demand disaster recovery of individual files, folders, revisions, or backup sets in just a few clicks.
Complete disaster recovery in the event of widespread system failure.
Full data disaster recovery support for Microsoft Exchange, SQL, and VMware images.




Compliance Ready – our data center locations are third party audited
Diverse Products – Leverage any of our infrastructure products to complement your colocation based DR solution
24/7/365 Support and Security Personnel – offering you a constant level of physical protectionWeb-Business-BusinessPricing-02


Multi-Tenant or Dedicated – resources for your storage, compute and memory
Built on Industry Leading VMware® Solutions – performance and reliability to drive your import/export of instances. Automate backups locally or at one of our other locations and offer faster restoration of your data




Note: Statistics show that over 47% of businesses without DR plans never recover from a major catastrophe.


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