Fail-over System

No ISP is foolproof, they all have planned and unplanned downtime. That’s why we recommend using multiple ISPs and WAN Failover
A failover link is a secondary Internet link setup to ensure Internet uptime is not lost in the case of a main link failure (e.g. Internet outages caused by traffic accidents, road construction, etc., etc.).


Having two internet service carriers as a failover insures up time against an internet service interruption from any single access route. All services for voice and data access can roll over to the secondary backup.


A high-speed Internet connection is critical for conducting business and communicating with customers, suppliers, investors, and employees.

This dependency upon the Internet as the lifeline of the business can also present an element of risk for businesses that are unprepared in the event an Internet connection is unavailable. Network downtime will not only cost your business money and employee productivity


With redundancy, the Internet is no longer a single point of failure in your enterprise network.
Genesis can recommend and co-ordinate multiple carrier links for your corporation providing a cost effective solution to minimize your company’s downtime and maximize its productivity.

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