Office 365 Information Links

Important Information Links

Outlook Web App: <a href=""></a>

Office Admin portal: <a href=""></a>

Office Training resources (for end users and administrators):
<a href="">Get started with Office 365 for business</a>

DNS records: <a href="">365 DNS Record Creation</a>

Outlook Configuration:
Outlook for PC: <a href="">Outlook for PC</a>

Outlook for Mac
1. <a href="">Creating a new profile with Outlook Profile Manager</a>
2. <a href="">Outlook 2016 for Mac</a>
3. <a href="">Outlook 2011 for Mac</a>
Apple Mail
<a href="">Mac OS X Mail</a>

In case of trouble configuring Outlook, try the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant

Mobile devices:
<a href=";rs=en-US&amp;ad=US">Mobile Devices Configuration</a>

<a href="">How to set up a multifunction device or application to send email using Office 365</a>
<a href="">POP3 and IMAP4</a>

DirSync / Azure AD (please do this post migration if using office tool for migration):
<a href="">Prepare users for AD sync provisioning</a>
<a href="">AD Sync Steps</a>

Azure PowerShell Installs:
<a href="">Connect to Exchange Online PowerShell</a>
<a href="">Install the Azure AD module</a>

365 Limitations:
Exchange Online Limitation (message size limit, group limit, etc.)
Spam Management Info:
• Office 365 Email Anti-Spam Protection
• Exchange Online Anti-Spam and Anti-Malware Protection

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