Questions to ask Before Setting up a Web Site

1) Corporate Identity: Corporate Information (for site development):
Company Name (Legal)
Company Name (Branding)
Company Tag Line:
Company Phone Number
Company Fax Number
Other contact information
Business hours of operation (store hours / when phones will be answered, if relevant)

2) Domain Names and Hosting:
Main Domain Name:
What other domain names do you own?
Do you have web hosting?

3) Briefly describe what your company does:

4) Adjectives: Please list 5 (or more) adjectives that you think describe your company or should describe your company in order of relevance / importance

5) Competitors: web site

6) Favorite Sites: Please list 5 web sites you like. Include the URL

7) Web Site Informative: Circle One
Yes or Not (If Yes jump to 9 )

8) Web Site Shopping Cart: Circle One
Yes or Not (If Yes jump to 15 )

9) How many pages ?

10) Name of pages: Home, Contact us, Products

11) Are there any special features or design ideas you have about your web site?
12) how often you want the site to be update: every month, twice a year annually

13) who will up date web site: Your self or Us ?

14) Do you have any logo:

Shopping Cart Area
15) How many products:

16) Do you want us to add products:
Yes or Not (if yes how many ? )

17) Do you want us to training you to add products:
Yes or Not (if yes 2 hour of training is recommended)

18) Do you want to accept Credit Card online:
Yes or Not

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