Custome Software expertise in developing custom application solutions to solve business needs extends broad and deep. Explore the types of solutions we have highlighted here with the knowledge that if you do not see the specific application solution you are looking for simply give us a call and we will let you know if we have done something similar.

E-Commerce Most businesses today require e-commerce specialists to manage applications which conduct financial transactions over the Web. At Amadeus Consulting, we are serious experts in creating e-commerce sites that meet your business needs and address your company goals.

Data Collection and Management
Many businesses seek guidance in not only data management, but data collection as well. At we offer specialized services in data collection and management just for this purpose. Read more about how can address and enhance your data collection and management needs.

Data Mining
Our clients have collected and compiled massive amounts of data over years and years of business transactions. At, managing large quantities of data using a custom software solution is an integral part of our expertise. Read more about how expertise in data mining aided other business' process and progression.

Auction Systems Software
Custom auction software systems can greatly accelerate your business processes if your company offers auctioned products. offers capabilities in auction systems to address your business desires. Read more about how delivered high quality results to other businesses looking to systemize their auctioning methods.

Bidding and Procurement
Bidding and Procurement can be daily tasks at large corporations. Systemizing this practice offers progress and large scale efficiency. can offer software solutions that effectively handle your bidding and procurement system needs.

Content Management Systems
Many of our clients utilize services to create content management systems. In today's virtual world, countless organizations are turning to software development for storing, controlling, versioning and publishing industry-specific documentation. Read more about other options offers to address your content management needs.

Social Networking
Social Networking is a rapidly growing concept incorporating custom Web applications. has extensive experience with businesses looking to integrate social networking into their business plan. We are well qualified in the creation of Web-based network services to provide a variety of ways for users to interact and familiarize themselves with your product. Read more about how we deliver promising results to other businesses looking to utilize social networking.

Outgrown Excel Application
Many growing corporations today unfortunately cannot maintain their data and overgrown Excel applications. From OLAP to Excel integration, can generate a solution customized to efficiently update your outgrown Excel application.

Surveys enables companies to collect, measure, and analyze market research based off company surveys. holds expertise in construction of applications that record and measure consumer responses. Read more about how delivered improved results to other businesses looking to utilize surveys for successful research projects.

NetSuite is the industry's first and only Cloud based business software that supports your entire company—from accounting/enterprise resource planning (ERP) to customer relationship management (CRM) and Web capabilities—in a single, integrated and powerful business management software solution. What makes NetSuite's Cloud solution different is that it's built around a single customer record, so sales orders, customer support, accounting, shipping and billing all use the same information for every interaction. And because NetSuite gives you vital business intelligence in real time, you can make better decisions faster.

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