Report Malicious URL’S, “phishing,” “scam,” “cybersecurity,” and “antivirus”

Welcome to our platform, where you can leverage the power of multiple antivirus and cybersecurity companies to combat phishing and scam websites. By reporting these malicious sites promptly, you can protect yourself and others from the detrimental consequences of online fraud. Our streamlined reporting process is designed to save you time and effort, allowing you to efficiently report suspicious sites and establish a consistent reporting habit. With our platform, you can utilize keywords such as "phishing," "scam," "cybersecurity," and "antivirus" to ensure that your reports are effectively routed to the relevant authorities. Join us today and help us make the internet a safer place for everyone.


  1. Google:
  2. Microsoft:
  3. Fortiguard:
  4. BrightCloud:
  5. CRDF:
  6. Netcraft:
  7. Palo Alto Networks:
  8. ESET:
  9. Trend Micro:
  10. BitDefender:
  11. McAfee:
  12. Forcepoint:
  13. Symantec:
  14. Spam404:
  15. Kaspersky:
  16. Cisco Talos:


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