Domain Reseller

Build your own successful online business - become a Genesis Domain Reseller! We provide the very best combination of pricing, products and support available! We supply the products, back you with support and management tools...we've even built professional Web sites for you to choose from. Our complete, turnkey set-up means you're up and! Simply choose from our Basic Reseller, Pro Reseller, Super Reseller or API solutions. Then select your products, set your pricing and customize your site - our technology and support focused people make it easy. Guaranteed! Best of all it takes ZERO experience to get started in this exciting and rewarding business. We even help you learn how to promote your online business.
How the domain name and web hosting business works... first, your customers will create there own domain names from your turnkey website. Then most of these customers will then purchase web hosting accounts from you as well, (hosting is needed to make website's (s) available online), plus your customers will most likely need to purchase other product/services such as email accounts, SSL Certificates, Marketing tools, build your own website tools and much more! See all products/services we provide...Click here .
Your full turnkey website is fully customizable to your taste from your assigned control panel. We take care of all your customer support, all infrastructure of the products/services and are constantly improving current products and adding new money making opportunities for you to offer your customers. Unlike other domain name registrars there are no deposits required to start selling domain name services.
We offer the best turnkey domain name and web hosting reseller website on the internet with a 100% guarantee. We offer 3 packages to choose from, so it's easy to get started and affordable for anyone.

Our reseller plans give you everything you need to build your own successful reseller business - including turnkey web site, shopping cart, integrated site traffic reporting and credit card processing! - Sign up today!

Every reseller plan includes:

  1. No deposits, advances or revenue sharing
  2. Your storefront can be live in minutes
  3. 24/7 product support for your customers
  4. Automated billing & renewals for over 50 products
  5. Turnkey Web site, including cart and credit card processing
  6. Marketing tools like Marketing Email Service, Advertising Tracking, and Email & Press Release templates
  7. Free Software & Extras helps you run your business
  8. Google® AdWords®* and Microsoft® adCenter† credits help you draw traffic to your site.
  9. See how easy it is to set up and use our Reseller Plans in our Product Tour. And MORE!

Very easy to operate

  1. Pick the products YOU want to sell – Domains, Hosting, Servers, Email, Secure Certificates and much more (view list). Activate the products you want to sell, and we'll automatically offer those products to your customers.
  2. Set the retail pricing YOU want. You set the retail price for each and every product, giving you total profit control. No deposit, minimums or advance purchases required.
  3. Customize YOUR Web site and shopping cart. Use the Design Wizard to personalize your site with your logo and images. Even customize colors for borders, titles, text and links. Uncomfortable designing your own? Pro Reseller comes complete with six custom designs and color sets.

Our Design Wizard lets you:

    1. Choose custom colors for borders, titles, text and links.
    2.  Preview each change every step of the way!
    3.  No initial buy-in
    4.  Full 24/7 support for you and your customers
    5.  Set up your personal site in MINUTES.
    6.  You decide what products you offer and what the site will look like... then you're up and running in MINUTES
    7.  Don't miss the opportunity to start making more by being a Reseller TODAY and keep making money for YEARS to come

See our sample here