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Internet Header for Outlook

View message headers 1.- In an open message, click the File tab. 2.- Click Properties. Header information appears in the Internet headers box.
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Outlook (Creating Rules)

Is your outlook mailbox a mess? Do you miss reading important emails because of the tons of emails you receive on your inbox? Do you want to organize it in such a way that you move a group of emails automatically upon receiving? This tutorial is for you! Keeping an organized Outlook mailbox is easy…
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Outlook Autocomplete

The Outlook autocomplete entries are stored in a file with an .NK2 extension. The location of this file depends on your Operating System. For Windows XP: The Outlook autocomplete file can be found at C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook, The file will be named the same as the default Outlook profile. For Outlook 2003, this is…
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Outlook Back up

Outlook 2010 Backup your emails Backup your emails in Outlook 2010 To backup your email follow these steps: Start Outlook. Go to File → Open → Import. Select Export to a file. Select Next. Select Outlook Data File(.pst). Click Next. Select the folder to export from. Click Next. Choose the destination where you want the…
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Outlook Express Setup

Setting up Outlook Express to Retrieve E-Mail Quick Reference: Incoming Email: (i.e. ) Outgoing Email Server: YOUR ISP Mail Server (If port 25 is NOT bloque) (i.e. Outgoing Email Server: YOUR ISP Mail Server (If port 25 is bloque) (i.e. User Name your email user, such as johnsmith This page…
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Outlook Schedule Auto Send & Receive

If you use Outlook as your email client, you might want to schedule how often it checks for new messages. Today we show you how to schedule how often auto send/receive occurs. If you’re busy during the day and need to keep up with your emails, you might want want Outlook to check for new…
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