Outlook Setup

Outlook Setup

1.- Click "Add a new e-mail account" if you are setting up a new account.
2.- Click "View or Change Existing e-mail accounts." if you would like to edit an existing account.
Then click the Next button.
3.- Select POP3
4.- Fill in the Appropriate Information to match your domain's mail servers.

Verify both POP3/SMTP server match your domain's mail server:
Note: if your ISP have port 25 block you need to put your SMTP mail setting to read like mail.bellsouth.net or mail.itt.com
Note: User Name is your complete email name@yourdomain.com

Note: After the correct information has been entered, click the "More Settings" button to adjust the settings for this account. If you are simply modifying an existing account, verify the information entered is correct, and then click the "More Settings" to continue modifying the account.
Make sure the Outgoing Server the Check Mark for My Outgoing Server (SMTP)... is there is not just click on that.

Place a check mark next to the option for Leave a copy of messages on the server. You are free to change the options on the two settings below for removing the messages after a certain amount of time, or deleting them from the server when they are deleted locally. Once your desired options are set, click OK, then Next, then Finish.

Note: Some ISP provider (ATT) block port 25 if this is the case you can use 587


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